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Job place of work
TMS Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions GmbH
(Junior) Estimating Engineer Automotive (f/m/d) Linz
Apprenticeship as Mechanical Designer (f/m/d) Linz or Sarleinsbach
Coordinator Joining Technology (f/m/d) Linz
Employee Work Preparation (f/m/d) Linz
Joining Engineer (f/m/d) Linz or Sarleinsbach
Mechanical Designer Body in White (f/m/d) Linz or Sarleinsbach
Operative Controlling (f/m/d) Linz
Projectmanager Body in White (f/m/d) Linz
Projectmanager Services and After Sales (m/f/d) Linz
Purchasing and Contract Management (f/m/d) Linz
Quality Engineer Specialist Continuous Improvement (w/m/d) Linz
Robot Simulation Engineer and Offline Programmer (f/m/d) Linz or Sarleinsbach
Robot Welding Technician (f/m/d) Linz
SAP Business System Specialist (f/m/d) Linz
Supplier Quality Engineer (f/m/d) Linz
Technician material flow simulation (f/m/d) Linz
Young technicians & HTL graduates (m/f/d) Linz or Sarleinsbach
VALIANT TMS Czech s.r.o.
Automation Project Manager (f/m/d) Olomouc
Design Leader Body in White Assembly Systems (w/m/d) Olomouc
Electrical Coordinator (f/m/d) Czech Republic
Electrical Designer - Junior (f/m/d) Olomouc
Electrical Technician (f/m/d) Olomouc
Measuring Technician 3D (f/m/d) Olomouc
Mechanical Designer CAD (f/m/d) Olomouc
PLC Programmer (f/m/d) Czech Republic
Proposal & Estimating Engineer (f/m/d) Olomouc
Robot Programmer (f/m/d) Czech Republic
Robot Simulation Engineer (f/m/d) Olomouc
Safety Engineer (f/m/d) Olomouc
VALIANT TMS Polska Sp. z o.o.
Design Leader Body in White Assembly Systems (f/m/d) Gliwice
PLC Programmer (f/m/d) Gliwice
Robot Programmer (f/m/d) Gliwice
Robot Simulation Engineer (f/m/d) Gliwice
Mechanical Designer Body in White (f/m/d) Oradea
Robot Simulation Engineer Oradea
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